Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My first attempts at photoshop and the characters from a series of childrens stories I'm writing

Akkurata's first monsoon... and my very first photoshop picture!

Akkurata is in trouble again...

Moshika's temple

Moshika (Ganesha's vahan) and Akkurata...

The city where everyone lives on top of each other (guess which one that is!)

Krawkus hates rain... (early colour ideas for Krawkus)

Akkurata the rat
Ghonga the snail

Billetta the cat...

Krawkus the crow...(I like this colour better)

The four friends: Ghonga, Krawkus, Akkurata and Billetta

Billetta goes to France... (experimenting with mixing live + toon for this project, I quite like the look it creates)

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  1. I LOVE the stuff that you have done Chantal! Theya re brilliant... specially the city where everyone lives on everyone! Brilliant!